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May 5, 2010
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N a o m i' s Guide to Making a "bearable" Naruto™ Original Character**

Before You Begin

Know how to draw a little. This will help in the visual department.

Have an open mind. Listen to ideas around your surroundings. Watch other shoujo and shounen anime and take notes. (Not too much shoujo. x.x)

Stay up to date with the manga. ESPECIALLY if you have an OCxCanon ship or a New Generation goin'.

Toughen up for criticism. Nobody likes a mangaka that's a crybaby, or has bi-polar issues. If you can't take the heat of someone not liking your OC that you have to call them a bitch, then maybe you have no business making an OC in the first place.

If someone calls your character a Mary-Sue or Marty-Stu with reason, then maybe the character is. If you're confident like me, it's only one person. You move on. Screw him/her. Now if there's more than six shouting at you about it, then try fixing it. :3

Litmus Tests Are Fun :D Take one every now and then to see where your OC stands in the Narutoverse.

Okaii. :33 First thing's first.

G e n d e r.

Is he/she a boy or a girl?

What about their age?

What does he/she do for a living?

And if you have more than one, what are their goals?

A g e.

Keep them at a subtle age at Kishimoto's plot. And appropriate for their rank.

Canon and 20 something and up. Jonin.

12-16. Rookie Nine's age group.

60 and over, Sanin.

C H A R A C T E R Name(s)-

Okay, one of the biggest issues today in making a Naruto™ OC is their title. What's in a name?

Well for starters, and this goes for absolutely ALL new Naruto OCs. Abslutely NO SELF INSERTS!!!

Don't give the character your "real" first name with Uchiha or Hyuuga at the end of it. It just doesn't sit right.

European and Western names like Michael, Jose, Racheal, Maria, Sofy, Amy, Zeke, Jake, Kyle, Mary, etc. These do not belong in the Narutoverse! Same goes for Middle Eastern names, Biblical names, African names etc. It's nice to know that you have a diverse imagination, but keep in mind that you are making a character for a Japanese series. Unless it's Full Metal Alchemist or any (okay... some) of the Final Fantasy games, then you are eligible to expand on Western names a little.

Made up Japanese names are also a problem. Putting words like sugoi and the name Sasuke mixed up together; "Sagoi" does NOT make it a real Naruto name. Nonetheless Japanese. I don't care how much you "like" it. It all looks stupid to me and real Narutofans' eyes.

It's easy finding names now. G o o g l e Japanese names and search in baby name dictionaries. Or go to a Japanese dictionary site like and stick two meanings together.

For clan names, go to your local search engine and type in keywords "Japanese surnames". Or just don't give him/her a clan or last name at all. He/she doesn't even have to have a last name. Rocklee, Tenten, Karin, does not. You can easily slip through with ease with that.

Acceptable culture names that are flexible with Kishimoto's writing:



..possibly Korean.. (Example: "Chin-sun" sound's pretty cool ^_^.)

W A R D R O B E-

Let's face it. We can't have a half naked 12 year old girl hitting on Itachi and Deidara. Have her put some clothes on. Boobs the size of grapefruits and overly exposed midriff is just asking for flames. You can't be 15 years old, having your "girls" hang out of your kimono top for the world to see. Neither does your OC. If you are comfortable in exposing your character's body in some sort, I recommend doing it in a few arts or a small role in your doujinshi. I wouldn't recommend their blouses sliding off of their chest more than half way as a permanent outfit.

It is understood that Mitarashi Anko and Lady Tsunade are exposed of the chest in their costumes, but keep in mind that they are "elder" single women. Nudity is least of the problems of the Naruto world, but it would be advised to have them more clothed.

Having your OC wear a bikini at the age of 6 meeting Sasuke is just as bad as it is for meeting him during the timeskips wearing nothing but strung leaf from a tree. It is required that children must be clothed as well. If not, more. No excuses. Even if she's an ophan. Self-worth and image will look very low on the character and will be frowned upon on.

Boots are accepted in the Narutoverse.

Shoe laces are no where in sight. Don't bother to add them to your OC, it'll just look ridiculous.

PVC tops are NOT accepted. Liquid leather outfits do not fit right in a linen, cotton, and silk, dominated world.

Neko/Kitsune OCs. Can be used as a temporary jutsu, but not carried around as permanent. It's too bizarre to have that as normal in Naruto's world.

Elf Ears. Just. e_e No.

Spammed Uchiha logo. You don't have to put 50 billion Uchiha fans in the outfit to get the point accross.

Spamming the color black. I'm pretty sure even Sai in his freetime wears colors.  

Spamming colors red and black upon females. Is a problem and overly done. I don't care how much you love those colors don't do it.

Two toned eyes. This isn't Final Fantasy. Forget it.

Highheels on 10-12 yr old.. s: Cute, but wouldn't recommend it.

Gender Bender OCs. Is nothing but pure laziness and shows lack of creativity. Naruko can't all of a sudden become real and make out with Naruto in chapter 580 something x.e so don't you even think of adding that.

Also, Sasuke females are spammed wildly. Same blue shirt. Same khaki pants/or skirt. He would not end up with a girl that looks like she would be his twin sister. Dream on.

Canon twin brothers/sisters. Oh yeah, let me tell ya. Hinata has an evil twin that's so bad. They lawked her up and threw away the key and she's back for revenge. xP Bleh. That's so retarded. Same goes for Sakura's slutty twin from the Otogakure and Sasuke's hotter ebul brother (not Itachi </-<). That just doesn't sit right.

Too much items mixed with over-detailed fishnet. Is tacky and it's junk.

Poor character description. Stealing design from another anime or filler character. (Example: "Looks like Dante from 'Devil May Cry' only with red hair and thick rimmed glasses. Or: Looks like Sakura only with green hair and ice blue eyes.) Is NOT acceptable.

MAKE HER LOOK HER AGE!!! Having a 12 yr old girl with a c-cup and dark lipstick on at the age of 15 is just sleazy. You can't ship your OC with a canon if she looks too old for him. Looking too young is not as big as a problem unless the OC is shipped with a Sanin.


Sakura, Ino, Naruto, Sasuke, etc clones: are disgusting and should be keeled with fiah.

Take in note that if you choose to take the "tracing" path, you choose a life of hate-art and flames regarding your OC. There is no turning back.

Uploading your "recolors" in Photobucket does not make it any safer for you. It may not be today, it may not be tommorow, but people are slowly getting pissed about it and will voice their honest opinions about it.

Bases can be fun every once in a while. A WHOLE gallery full of just bases and/or edits is just wrong. Not only that you're setting yourself up for future bashing and an internet life of shame and turmoil, but you're wasting your time. You won't succeed doing these. Once you reach a certain level, you're done. There are no room for improvement there.


Absolutely NO Uchiha unless it's new-gen. All Uchiha are dead. If you can think of a reasonable story of how your character made the massacre, then he/she may be eligible to succeed in Masashi Kishimoto's plot.

The Hyuga bloodline seems fine and sturdy. I've seen so many Hyuga walking around in Kishimoto's series, I think they'll do quite well.

Uchiha/Hyuga mixes. Unless it's new-gen. Trash it. Also Uchiha Sasuke is an Uchiha purest, so it would be impossible for him to make with a Hyuga female. /: Just to put that out right there.

Custom Bloodlines

Ones you make yourself can do well as long as you follow the name rules and don't over-power the canon clans.

AVOID MARY-SUE/Marty-Stu and Personality DON'TS

Basic Naru-Sue- The OC that can do no wrong "noe mater wut. :<" She's an angel. If she gets hurt, that whole cast is either saddened or pissed.

Sounds familiar?

Yup. There's more.

Whenever the canon love interest is fighting, it's always for "love". Naruto is treated like a "love guru" more than an ally that makes a difference. Sakura and Ino is either best friends with her or the biggest bitches in the world.

And if someone gives a "rude" comment about the original character, he/she is "jealous".

Having your character die and come back to life is overly done and a crappy story motive.

Making canon characters like Uchiha Sasuke or Hyuga Neji fight over your OC with a Stu counterpart isn't gonna cut it either..

Sasuke's got enough drama. He does not need to be pulled into any more quarrels during his quest.  

Large heaps of paragraphs explaining her appearance or long ass sentences talking about how beautiful your OCs eyes holds no value in the process. I find it quite sad in many CanonxOc stories that the original character that belongs with the canon is explained in massive heaps of words while her teammates get one or two sentences. <_<

Female Medic ninjas are booked. If your OC's a medic ninja, it would be best that she come from another village because Sakura, Ino, Shizune and Tsunade are already the heart of the Leaf in that division.

Emo-sue Is a BIG problem in today's pop culture. Trying to "out emo" Sasuke in wangst by exposing your OC to cutting and the gawth lief not only shouts that the author is a poser, but he/she should really get out more. Nobody wants to read or look at artwork with "blood all ober". Nobody wants to read about your OCs drug and alcohol problems. Your character can't be 15-16, over-indulging in sake or whiskey. He/she can't be a pill popper. They don't have narcotic based shots exposed in that world, so stop making your OC look like an attention whore with that crap.

Don't like Sakura and Ino's "prissiness"? Tough shit. It's how a majority of female are based in anime. Don't make your OC a gore whore. This isn't Blood Plus+.

Loudmouth Emo

If you really knew what "emo" is it is not a label, it's a music genre. And it wouldn't make any sense anywho because emos tend to avoid violence rather than confront it. Making a "loudmouth emo" in the Naruto-plot can be one of the biggest contradictions a person could set in one-self. Never in my life have I've seen an emo fend for him/herself without breaking down into tears (yea.. I know stereo-types). Also, they are usually quiet and don't talk much so steer clear on what you're doing. You see the process here.

Uchiha Sasuke is not emo. He is too full of hatred and revenge to be one. You can't judge a character or person on just the colors they wear and/or their hairstyle.

Real emos don't label themselves. Skaters don't do it. Preps don't do it. Don't label your OC.

**Also, having your OC sock Sasuke in the jaw when they first meet is sure not gonna make him sexually attracted to the woman, even more it would turn him off because of disrespect to his prideful appearance. Sasuke has more of a sophisticated demeanor. Barbaric women with no manners will not be spared a second glance. Sure, it's funny and cute. But, you'd think a guy like that holds patience for that type of attitude? >>>Notice Karin's and Sakura's fake courtesy whenever he is around.<<< **

Don't have your OC beat up Sakura or Ino. No matter how much of a "bitch" Sakura was in part one, don't over glamorize and indulge in taking pinky's lights out. You have to remember both have a soft side. They are not that way all the time, so quit basking for attention.

Team 7 Substitute/Add-ons

First off, on the add-ons: Team 7 is a THREE MAN TEAM. There is a reason they call them the "Big 3", y'know? You can't have your OC wander alone in the forest as an orpan in all his or her life. There are plenty jacket wearing jonin to go around, pick one to be your student's master.

Can't pick one?

Make one up. 

It was implied in one of Kishimoto's later chapters that Karin attended the chunin exams with her own team. (Which got separated eventually. s:)

Team 7 substitutes are pretty unneeded too. It's not implied, but I'm pretty sure that Sai had his own team at one point. 2-3 years of a canon's absence would probably leave this spot open, but it's too risky. You would have to pull your OC out of his or her own team and have the ninja go through special training for that position. They don't just stick inexperienced outsiders in teams.. just sayin'.


The One Buddy System

Unless your OC is a tagged project in Kabuto's lab, I suggest sticking to giving him/her a team. Being a ninja is quite harsh already if there's only 3 people. Your OCs would not survive if there are less of them and it would not look right without adult supervision. Just because Sabaku no Gaara is rarely seen with his Jonin master does not mean you should have your OC flail around without an adult. They don't have to be present all the time. This is just a small insight.


Is everything in the Narutoverse. Sticking in pizza and nachoes with Akatsuki just for the "lulz" in a rice and curry world will not bid you well. Guns (unless they shoot darts or kunai) and sombreros is a huge "wtf".

Love triangles; squares; hexagons.. Are looked down upon on automatically unless it's just between OCs. I suppose, it would be okay for a character to be jealous, but don't bring up that type of drama in canons. It's very unnessesarry.

One Night Stands

I've read this once in a Naruto OC rant and I strongly agree that it would be best for Jonin ranked adults like Kakashi and elder ANBU to have "one night stands". Sure why not. But never for the kiddies.

"Drunken One Night Stands" Not for the "Rookie 9". Sorry, but the canons don't need to bail your OC out of his/her drug problems. Stop fishing for sex with sympathy.

Rape Victim/ Gang Rape

If your OC has been raped by a canon, don't have the woman fawn over the man in loving opened arms like nothing happened. If you're willing to stretch that far, I would strongly advise not to put too much emphasis in it's happenings. Or maybe, just any. Rather, it would be best conveyed in emotions like "fear" or "anger". The word "rape" may also NOT be implied. It is for your readers to figure it out or not.

And for god sakes, if it's going to be a canon. Stick to ONE canon. Not the whole damn Akatsuki or his/her family member or something. My god. Dx

Don't put your OC in a middle of story where she is raped by another OC you make and get some canon to save her and have sex with her. It's disgusting and shouldn't even be put into words.

Canon Characters that NOT available for "true love" OC shipping.








Deidara :( Unfortunately..

Canon Characters that ARE available for "true love" OC shipping.

Everyone else. Including Sasuke if you do it right. That's right. Sasuke.

In chapter 401 (page 10) it was stated that his brother Itachi had a "lover". If Sasuke's brother can get a woman during world traveling, so can he. As long as she is Uchiha and you have a sensible story that goes with her, everything is peachy-keen.

Chapter 483 states that Uchiha Sasuke thinks low of non-Uchiha and says they are "scum" after Kakashi activates his sharingan. It would be wise to adapt by Kishi's book now.

NejixOC isn't that much of a problem if you are good at LeeTen..

Art is Deidara's only love. Unless you can scrunge up a good village tactic for him to meet a nice girl in his kid years.

Teacher x Student and Elder Family Member x Niece/Nephew/Daughter/ Son. Is so wrong in many levels.

Long Lost Uchiha Brother/Sister. Not in the immediate family. NEVER in the immediate family. It just sounds too cliche and fake already.

OOCness (Out Of Characterness)

Is a big problem in the fan-fiction world so tread lightly on the way canons act. OOCness can be okay in fanart, but don't make it smutty.

Poor Character Development= Shitty Character

Because if you are writing a story on your OC and he/she stays the same throughout all the hardships and obstacles and seems unrealistic and lousy.

Personality growth is very important and is a huge factor in the anime/manga world. Take Tenten for instance. She is not a fangirl anymore. Gaara's not a bloodthirsty fiend like he use to be in part one, Naruto is less noisy, and Sakura is not as fickle.

Think about evolving your character. How will he/she change after part l?</p>

Give your OC REAL feelings. Confusion, hatred, jealousy, etc. Give them highs and lows. If something bad happens to them, don't make them recover in just two paragraphs. Even Naruto gets depressed too. As bright and happy he seems all the time. He/she can't be hyper all of the time. The guy/girl can't be pissed all his/her life. Expand. Expand. >w<

It's OKAY to cry.</p>

Yup. Everybody cries.

Having a badass OC that's tough as nails does have its quirks, but having him or her shed a tear every now and them won't make him/her a wuss. This would go in the category of granting them "real" feelings. Itachi, Karin, Sasori, Pein, Sasuke, etc. Each are emotionally strong people. They realize their mistakes and they fought through the odds with pleasant outcomes by just soaking in tears. 

In anime and manga crying is a cleansing method and is nothing to be ashamed of. Unless your OC is bawling like a defeathered chicken like Haruno Sakura in the early chapters, things should be fine.

In perception, crying doesn't only build more character but it helps relate your readers and watchers to know your OC better. Crying doesn't make them a wimp. It brings them to life. Remember, real feelings are expected in your writing.

Btw. Clumsiness is not a personality flaw. I should of cleared this up a long time ago. </p>

Relationships Your OC can't be friends with everyone. And he/she can't be enemies with every character but the canon love interest. It doesn't work that way. Having your OC get drunk or high with Akatsuki and everything's peachy-keen on the first encounter sounds too good to be true. *x_x Oh wait, I take that back. Drugs are gross.*

Naruto Uzumaki!

Because it isn't a Naruto story without Naruto in it. It would be wise that he does not like your OC at first. Have him make a big difference some how in your characters life. Have him make a huge impact. It's what he do. And DON'T use him for heart-break drama and romance. He's no guidance counselor. I mean, sure you can have him jump in when something's wrong but don't have your OC bother the boy just for that. You're standing in his way of being hokage! 'ttebayo!

Children/ New Gen(eration)

Clone Babies Amongst Uchiha- It's been seen in a LOT of early Naruto fanart. Excuses like Naruto, Shikamaru, and Chouji look like their dads and how Neji has a striking resemblance to his uncle Hiashi will not apply to Uchiha Sasuke's off-spring.

You ever noticed in the Uchiha Clan, not everyone else looks like a "duplicate"? Well, that would be because they each have different features. Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Sasuke, Izuna, Itachi, Fugaku and so forth all don't look alike. Do your research in hairstyles and pick up the pieces in designing a good Uchiha character in new gen. We all know for a fact that Sasuke will not have a kid that looks exactly like him, unless Orochimaru clones him some how.

Yaoi/Yuri Couples with kids- If you're not aware, Naruto and Sasuke are both male. I suppose art has no boundaries, but this is NOT to be taken seriously amongst new gen.

Uchiha/Hyuga with Tailed Beast + Curse Seal Don't grant the child the tailed beast when sharingan can be used to his/her advantaged. Pick one or the other they can't have both.

New Overpowed Jinchuurichi? Keep the old ones. No god mod new gens plz.

Susanoo in new gen? Should stay in Uchiha Clan ONLY for now.

**All the above precautions take place as well for New Gen.**

Conclusion.  Making OCs can be very fun as long as you know what you're doing. ^///-///^ Not all characters are perfect and if he/she is a Sue, it's never too late to change him/her. **Unless they are already infamous for being one. o.0 You should start from scratch. e_e**

Anywhos, there's my guide to making a bearable OC. It's not really that hard once you apply to it. c: Try expanding your mind to good things and remember to have fun. :3

<.< Oh, and the litmus tests. :D
Oh yes and TV Tropes. Google those, they are fun.

~Stay tuned~ I may write more in the future. l:


:iconnarutoishappyplz: And now I pass my wisdom to you.

x____________X" Also.. apologies if you see and typos and spelling errors. :no: I've been typing this all night.

This will be updated frequently. :meow: I left out a few things.

:new: Team 7 add-ons.

Updated: "Drunken One Night Stands"
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PlushieHime Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks I needed that :D I'm making an OC and her team and stuff
btw I have a question, would it be unusual to have a 3 man team, with two girls and a guy? or should I just stick to the way it is in the manga (two guys one girl)
GenieDoesArt Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2014
Hello! I need opinions! I'm making an OC but I need to decide on a name! It must be some name relating to peace! I know peace in Japanese is 'Heiwa' and I need an ending for the name! Anyway, if ther is no response, I have to stick to Kiyomi to avoid people flaming me.

Birthday: 3 November

Main traits:

She is calm and collected, at the same time, she is hot-tempered. This can be emphasized by the professional outlook she gives outside but goes all crazy in a private area just shouting like mad. 


Tends to be annoying
A bit crass(Part II)
Can appear mean(Part I)
Too kind?
Hot-tempered(Part I)

Some random traits:

She puts on a look that is rather unfriendly for most of Part I
Shes a natural beauty, but obviously not as beautiful as Tsunade! :P
She loves food, but not as much as Choji!


Kenjutsu: Talented as Hayate, can do Leaf Style: Crescent Moon Dance

2 Katanas, but she does not like to kill anybody so she mostly uses this for defense or threatening, although she goes for assassination missions

Nature Transformation: Fire and Water(Above average)

Nara clan techniques(Above average)

Represents her split persona one side of her is hot-tempered but the other is calm

Fuinjutsu: Made a very powerful fuinjutsu that can seal elemental Jutsu into a piece of paper which is A-rank(Talented)

Taijutsu(Above average)

Besides Nature Transformation and Nara clan techniques, she is not seen doing any ninjutsu or genjutsu, which may imply that she is not as talented in that area.
Muramasa-nii Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student Artist
so true I've seen an oc named sofia and when I said something about it she said that its her oc and she likes the name...*facepalm*
Flying-Dutchmann Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Would it be ok to have an Uchiha OC from the pre-konoha times?
Muramasa-nii Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Artist
Vampire-Angel6 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Question *ahemmm*

I'm in the process of creating a Naruto OC and this is regarding her clan (which is a made-up one). I'm unsure about giving the clan a kekkei genkai (I'm not sure if it really counts). The members of the clan are all built for speed, so it would have to do with body structure/not being able to develop the muscle needed for physical strength (if this makes sense). With that they possess the ability called Inazuma Furrika which is what makes them faster. Would this work as a kekkei genkai or would it be better for me to make it a sort of jutsu passed down in the clan?
Vampire-Angel6 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
*hiden technique I mean *facepalm* not jutsu. 
HadesWubsU Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
To me at least there isn't any need for a Kekkei Genkai or Hiden that enhances speed, considering there's already the Body Flicker Technique and the Swift Release, you could probably make the Original Clan that originally had Swift Release that Hiruko used Chimera Technique to absorb and use as his own.
TamandOmar4ever Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, could you please critique my oc please?
Well he's one of my ocs, he the sensei of my oc Hitomi's team.
His name is Inodai Yamanaka, he's Inoichi's younger brother and Ino's uncle. He has fair skin, green eyes and very long blond hair (reaching below his knees). As a child, he grew up with his brother who he idolized and raised by their parents. He wasn't a very good ninja to start off with, due to his incertainties and shy personality because he was bullied a lot for he looks very feminin. He learned Yamanaka clan techniques over time, and when he became a jounin, his brother Inoichi got a dig named Kō Hayabusa to teach him medical ninjutsu. Once he learned the basics and became rather skilled with them, Hayabusa died on a mission. Years later, Inodai worked in the academy teaching ninjutsu, but is later given a team to teach. He also has a pairing, where he has a crush on Yoruha Shin, and the two eventually get together during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. It is also noted that Inodai gains more confidence over time, and shows to be brave and intelligent at times
What do you think?
Manga-Samurai Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Few, Gaara's still open for canon x oc love ^^
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